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Koralaipattu South is one of the 14 Divisional Secretariats in Batticaloa district. It is divided into 18 Grama Niladhari Divisions and covered 58170 hectares of land. It is located at Pulipanjakal, Kiran; East 280 km from Colombo, and 28 Km from Batticaloa Town on northern direction. The population of the division is 31763 of 8054 families. Most of the peoples in the division are engaged in Agriculture, farming, Fisheries, small industries etc.

Climate   : Average rain fall is 156 mm
Average temperature is 30 to 90 f

People     : Hindus, Christians and Muslims

Mineral resources: Sea shell, cane, pan grass, clay and Forest Timber are the mineral resources available.

Economy : The Economy of the District is depending mostly on Agriculture and Fishing. The District has about 1200 Agriculture families and about 636 fishing families. However, nearly 70% of people are still living under poverty line.


North : Koralaipattu north, Koralaipatttu west and Thimpulagala Division (Pollanaruwa)

East : Bay of bangal

West : Thimpulagala Division (Pollanaruwa)

South : Eravur Pattu